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We specialize in custom molding and paneling for both residential and commercial projects. Read on for more information about our commitment to providing quality products and services.


Our mission is to provide premium wood products to our customers on large and small-scale jobs, without sacrificing the quality, workmanship, or attention to detail inherent in a locally owned and operated company. Our customers receive the best of both worlds - the large manufacturer's ability to produce large volume runs, with the customer service and quality assurance of a small woodworking shop.

Listed on this website are some of the types of woodwork we can fabricate, as well as some of the woodworking services we provide. Be sure to check out our helpful information on ordering our millwork.

For further specific information about our products, please call us at 1-800-685-1331 or use our contact form to request our full catalog, which also includes a wide selection of some of the profiles we can run. Please remember, however, that we can custom make virtually any profile you require for your project.


Architectural Millwork Manufacturing Company was started in May of 1991 with 4 full time employees. Initially, the company manufactured wood trim and moldings exclusively for commercial and contract use. Since that time Architectural Millwork has expanded to produce custom wood paneling, moldings, and a variety of other wood product needs.

Our Customers

Custom Millwork Quote Request Our main buyers continue to be commercial contractors, but as a result of word-of-mouth marketing, and our ability to create custom moldings to the specifications of the customer, we now sell to the general public as well.

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Thank you for your interest in Architectural Millwork. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions or comments you may have, to request a printed catalog, get a quote on your project or place an order.

We specialize in custom wood molding and wood paneling for both residential and commercial projects.

Ready to Get Started? Call 1-800-685-1331 Ready to Get Started? Call 1-800-685-1331