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Congratulations on your decision to purchase some of the finest premium quality millwork available anywhere.

How to Place an Order

Custom Millwork Quote Request We will be happy to offer you a quote and begin the production process of your custom moldings. Our staff will give you the exact, final dollar amount of your order, so that you may mail in your payment. You can place an order or get a quote in several ways:
  • Fill out our quote request and we'll get back to you about the details and cost of your project.
  • Give us a call and speak with our Project Manager, Reece Wilson at 1-800-685-1331.
  • Fax us your project specifications to 541-463-2068
  • Mail us your project specifications to
      Architectural Millwork
      P.O. Box 2809
      Eugene, OR 97402

Viewing Some of Our Profiles

You can view our online catalog of profiles or download our catalog in PDF format by clicking the link below.
Download PDF Catalog (File size: 300K)
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Considerations When Ordering Custom Millwork

When ordering custom millwork, it is important to consider these points:

1 Custom moldings require additional planning time, as your order will be scheduled for production along with other custom and stock production runs. On an average, most custom moldings are ready for shipment within 1-3 weeks, but occasionally, during busier seasons, there may be some additional time required.
2 Shipping times will vary greatly based on carrier and distance from our shop. Ask our staff for an approximation of delivery time and cost.
3 Be certain you are ordering enough material or specifying your lengths, to avoid additional set-up charges and time delays.
4 If you require a rare wood species, it is especially important that you order additional material as specified lengths are not usually available.

Ordering Random Lengths

All lengths are random and will vary from three to sixteen feet. We buy our wood in random lengths and try to cut the longest lengths possible. Also, we try to match lengths to each molding according to use. When ordering random lengths, be sure to include extra footage for waste or mistakes. Custom millwork orders should always allow extra footage for waste, since shortages cannot be easily filled without additional time and set-up charges.

Ordering Specified Lengths

Typically, on larger volume orders, with a wide variety of cuts, excellent yield can be expected from random lengths, and specified lengths are not always necessary. For smaller orders, it is generally advisable to specify your lengths, especially for jobs that require pieces of similar lengths. Smaller jobs with a variety of cut lengths, especially shorter lengths, may not require specified lengths. When ordering specific cut lengths, be sure to include all pieces, especially short lengths. If promptness is important, be sure to ask our staff about the availability of the lengths you need when you order.

Minimum Orders

There are no minimum orders for any of our products. Set-up charges may increase the cost per lineal foot of smaller orders.

Order Cancellations

If you cancel your order, you may be subject to restocking fees and/or other costs related to labor and materials used in preparing your order.

Payment Methods

For payments made by mail, we accept money orders, certified checks, or personal (and business) checks. We also now accept Visa and Mastercard (please call).

Delivery Time

Please remember that custom millwork orders require scheduling. The actual time frame can be as little as 1 week for delivery (depending on location), and up to 8 weeks for delivery during busy seasons. You can call for an approximation of order completion and delivery dates, but remember to PLAN AHEAD. Let us know as soon as you have made your decision to order. We can estimate the delivery date from the time you order, but remember that custom millwork orders are produced on a first-come-first-served basis. We look forward to hearing from you!

Can't Find It?

Can't find exactly what you are looking for on our site? Sketch the profile on paper and send it to us. Because we custom make our own knives in house, it is possible to match virtually any profile. We can tell you the cost of producing your custom molding and the time it will take for delivery.

Ordering custom millwork from Architectural Millwork.

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